Saturday, April 30, 2005

Goals, Aspirations, and things left Unsaid

It's not often that I decide to actually do something, much less something of any consequence. So I find myself sitting here pondering the reason for starting my own blog and saying to myself, "why actually take the time to do this?". Problem is, I often love the idea of things when they first crop up into my head, but in the end, ideas are worthless if they never turn into actions. In this age of all things digital, it's becoming easier and easier to detach from any form of interaction, and watch it all steam by...but it's also supposed to be easier to plug in, get connected, and share in a community of thought. Blogs seem to be a nice way to get content out there in a virtual journal. I used to keep one back in college...pecking away with my old school Palm 3 and then early Ipaq to store away thoughts and ideas that appeared to have worth beyond the current moment. It's been a while since I have kept any sort of journal, professionally or personally, so I figure, since I still think I have thoughts and ideas worth more than passing attention, why not try to store them in the ether of the entangled web?

So with that, I plan to start TWO blogs. That's right...a double dose of me on the web! One for personal journaling, the other for more professional projects. One will contain junk, the other a much more calculated approach to the world around me. I never expect many people to read either, but the practice both shall provide me, along with the storage of thoughts that would otherwise fall out of my overstuffed brained to be forever forgotten, is worth its weight in whatever precious metal you choose. Someday, I may actually use one as a collection of my ability (or lack thereof) to write - a skill seemingly forgotten by most my peers. My goal is to be insightful, thoughtful, well spoken, pithy, and most of all, FUNNY. There is nothing more enjoyable than to look at life with a heavy dose of humor. God gave us laughter for good purpose, I intend to wield it with purpose. Stand back people...


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