Saturday, April 30, 2005

A Tiny Introduction to Apple's New Tiger OS X

Along with the introduction of my new Blog, I am also
experiencing a new level of computing courtesy of Apple's new "Tiger"
branded OS X. I got the shiny box yesterday (Friday, 29 April) and
installed it immediately when I got home. I decided to do the
"Upgrade" method, as I was unsure which method might work best. I am
a Windows pro, but a Mac newbie; and in the Windows world, if you get
a new OS, it's always best to do a "clean install" as to prevent
instability and performance hits. With Tiger, the upgrade method has
appeared to work well! The system is stable, and all the new
features are working flawlessly. I am very excited about this OS. I
can't offer an in-depth review at this point, simply my initial

Everything looks pretty much the same, but there are some slick
enhancements overall, and I can say that Spotlight will
"evolutionize" computing. I am using it naturally to find files,
folders, and the like. It works so fast, and has instant results. I
use Yahoo Desktop Search on my WinBox, but I actually never really
use it on a day to day basis. I'm not sure if that's because the
method of browsing around by folder/subfolder is so ingrained in my
computing habits, or because Yahoo Desktop is one ugly program (GUI
wise). The underlying engine is fine...don't get me wrong, it will
find a ton of stuff on your machine, I just don't enjoy using it.
Spotlight is gorgeous and looks great - the slick integration with
the OS is top notch. I just don't think 3rd party apps can match it!

Dashboard is fun to use as well, although I am not sure yet how
much I will use it. It is great for displaying info such as weather
time and other little tid-bits, and the interface is again, slick as
snot! I already have a module installed for posting to my fresh
shiny new blog on whim! It's exciting how these extensions will
continue to format the web of information in chewable chunks, and
perhaps I will find a place to use Dashboard to catch those nuggets
on a regular basis.

I have already been won-over by Panther, and Tiger takes "leaps
and bounds" towards a greater level of computing. Windows, eat your
heart out!


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