Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Old Games are More Fun?

I guess when it boils down to it, gaming is a pretty simple pleasure, and a lot of the time, we just want a quick way to have some fun. Newer, and increasingly complicated titles are more time consuming, harder to be an "expert" in, and cost lots of money! A lot of these are turn-offs, not because modern games aren't great; in fact most are far superior in terms of enhanced gameplay over the "original" genre creating version. Some may argue this (i.e., complicated doesn't make it better, neither will enhanced graphics), and I am no fan of rehashed games (same concept, different setting), but perfecting a genre is a good thing, and I do think graphics matter. There are still a lot of things about modern games (outside of graphics) that are really lacking. For example, there is something not quite right about "rag-doll" physics (I'll leave this to another post).

The lack of true originality existing in today's games shouldn't be shocking. An environment lacking precendent is much more conducive to original ideas, while inventing new genres and original content in today's world is pretty tough, especially considering development costs! Developers will stay within "proven" concepts incrementally upgrading aspects from title to title. This is unfortunate, but expected.

I would have to disagree that "old games are more fun", but re-phrase the title to "old games are STILL fun, and sometimes easier to enjoy than modern titles" - or something along those lines.

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